Friday, August 17, 2012


After I sent a random poem I spontaneously wrote to a friend. he suggested I share it on my blog. Since I have barely touched my blog recently, I decided that I'd do it. So here is my extremely informal, just-get-my-thoughts-out poem.

Get up.
Wake up.

What are you doing?
Life's not long.
It's short.

And every moment
You only get to live
One time.


If your life is to
Be for His glory
Isn't it?

When we surrender,
We can't take it back.
It's not ours.
And yet we do.

We only get one chance.
We can't live tomorrow for God.

We never get tomorrow.
We only get today.
Just one day.

You can do that, right?

Jesus never said,
Follow me after Facebook.
After this movie.

He said take up your cross.
And follow me.

This world is not eternal.
You are not eternal.
Nothing is.

Except God.

You only get one life.
One day at a time to sow.
And you reap it in eternity.

So get UP!
Break the average barrier.
The world has enough of average Christians.

Follow Him wholeheartedly.

Don't follow other Christians.
Don't follow Christian songs.
Or books.

They're tools to help you.
Follow God.
And His word.

Leave the half-baked Christian life.
Become a prayer warrior.
A conqueror or sin.


Matthew 16:24.

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