Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To My Dear and Faithful Subscribers...

To those of you who bother to read my little blog, thank you! I realize its been awhile since I've posted anything, due to the fact that I've started many and finished none. But for the next two days its packing, packing, packing for my move to TX next week. The three days after are also full, and on the third day I depart for the Student Statesmanship Institute, where I will spend a week before leaving for vacation in Wisconsin, and we will go directly from there to Waco, Texas. I am planning to blog this summer, but I won't be in our new house until July 13th, and it might still be awhile before I blog! Thank you all so much for your patience. God bless!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where Do You Run?

I stepped outside, my chest heaving. It was a sunny, but windy day, and constantly being passed by various people...some whom I did know and others I did not, I struggled to keep back tears. "Lord," I whispered into the air. I could feel His presence closely. "Lord...I need your help." I turned and saw my friend looking at me deeply. She knew what was wrong, and she was there to encourage me. Two other friends were close behind. But despite their amazing friendship and help, what I needed at that moment was God. I was happy because I knew that He was upholding and uplifting me...even though I felt so shocked that I could barely breathe. But He knew that His plan was perfect. *(This is recent, and that plan has not yet been shown to me. But I know that He does, for certain, have a plan.)*
While I'm not going to go into the details of that story, I'm going to take the moral out of it. That afternoon, sitting on the grass with friends, I received an unexpected shock when something was revealed to me that I hadn't noticed...and this wasn't the first time this had happened. Surprised and upset, and with no where to go to be alone at the time, I turned to the only place I could go-God.
It hasn't always been that way. Sure, when I was in trouble I might pray about it, but I wouldn't delve into His presence to find comfort and fulfillment. I would just let the waves of trouble wash over me until I nearly drowned, and then when I finally took a breath it would be a cry. But now, I fall into His arms.
Before, the solution would have been to stay with my friends for awhile. And ask their opinions. And I did do that-after I had stood up, gotten a drink, and walked back into the sunshine with my knees shaking and my head spinning. After my broken prayers, I felt so much comfort. When I asked my friends opinions, I got different answers than I wanted. If I had gone to my friends first, my confusion would have just grown and I would have been unable to handle it. But God's comforting voice saying "I'm here, I know the entire situation, and I have a plan for this," was so much more than anyone ever could.
Friends are amazing, and such a blessing from the Lord. But if we run to them first, then we lose much. Even parents can be at fault. It is a mistake to seek your parents opinion, and act on it, without first seeking God's viewpoint. Now, asking your parents, siblings, or friends first isn't unwise, but it is when you take their advice without looking for God's. He knows best. He knows the entire situation in and out, forwards and backwards, and everything from the farthest edges to the centerpieces of the hardest times. One of the ways to cultivate a close relationship with Christ is to run to Him when you need help. Isaiah 51:12 says "I, I am he who comforts you." God is there with open arms, and if you go to Him you will have the assurance that He knows and He desires to help you. It will help you gain faith, trust, and dependence on the Lord. He knows the way out, and unless you ask Him it's almost impossible to get out of the maze you're in. He is ready to help you.
So after my shock wore off and I finally returned home, I walked around for the rest of the day with questions in my head. The particular questions weren't answered by a voice in my head, but they were all put to rest by one thought. That He knows what He is doing, and that it is working for my good. Praise Him.