Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 Things I Want to Do

I've heard a lot of times that writing down your goals makes you more likely to accomplish them. But writing down my goals isn't something I'm good at. I can write down easy, material goals, like "Math-Lesson 30". And check it off with my pencil and go on. But the surface level goals don't do much for me. So I'm digging deep. What do I really want? What does God want in this season of my life? Here's my little list that I came with. I'm not posting it to be cool or look Christian, I'm posting it so I can help keep myself accountable and maybe encourage others. These goals are important to me-every single one.

1. Spend More Time With Jesus
I know that nothing will refresh me more than time in His presence. Well...I say I know that, but I don't know if I live that belief. I want it to become something I live, not just something I say.

2. Pray More, Worry Less
When something crazy happens (and life throws a lot of crazy stuff at us), my first impulse is to talk to my friends. Obsess over it. Stress. But God says Come to Me and I will give you rest. And I've found that if I actually hand it to God, all the anxiety begins to melt away.

3. Love People More
Smiles make my day. So do words of encouragement. Maybe a little note, or something similar? We all have great and less great days. I want to brighten others' days.

4. Be On Social Media Less
Books. Outside. Exercise. Face-to-Face conversation. Music. Art. Museums. Whatever. There's a lot of things more beneficial than Facebook.

5. Do Things
Learn to bake cakes. Learn a song on the guitar. Read a new book. Learn a dance move. There's a lot of things that I want to do that I haven't done yet. I have to do them sometime.

6. Read Good Books
Classics or contemporary...stuff that doesn't just give me knowledge, but also helps me grow in wisdom. So...Spurgeon? Ludy? Crazy Love? Yes. Teen novels? No.

7. Worship Authentically
When I don't worship at home, I feel stale at church. Maybe just listening to a song when I have five minutes. Taking a long walk. Dancing. Whatever. Just more.

8. Spend My Time Well
Because it slips away so fast. You only get each second once, and then it's gone. I don't want to waste those precious seconds. 

9. Spend Time with My Family
I'll only live with my parents and adorable little siblings for so long. <3 

10. Do My Best in Everything
As I said before, I only get one shot to do this day. I want to live every day all the way. I only get to live it once. I want to do my best when I have the chance to do it.