Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Ways to Keep Femininity On When It's Cold

   People usually view summer as the biggest enemy for femininity in how we girls dress, due to the warmer temperature and the temptation to show more skin (and living in Texas, I know what they mean!). But winter poses a threat that is just as dangerous, although very different: sloppiness. The temptation in winter is to dress in "comfortable clothes"; otherwise known as wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts everywhere, with messy hair and looking as though you didn't get dressed this morning. Or maybe there's the temptation to bundle up in sweaters that are anything but attractive, just because they're warm. But I'm going to tell you about 7 items that can help you keep the femininity in your clothing this winter.

1. Hats
   Hats are one of the most useful accessories for cold weather. No, I don't mean the baseball caps, fedoras, or bulky snow hats. I mean the feminine, attractive hats (they were the fashion last year). They can make an outfit both warm and incredibly feminine.
   Beanies, like these, and other hats are cheap and you can even make some yourself (then you can pick the color, style, and size you want, as well as personalize your own outfit!). Hats really do make your body warmer, removing some of the need for extra layers.

2. Scarves 

   Scarves are not only adorable but also fashionable. They come in every color, texture, and pattern you could ever want. They really do keep you warm, and they can be that one accent that makes the outfit. Also, they're one of the most feminine things you can do to an outfit! Why, you might ask? Well, I'm no fashion expert, but I'll guess that it has something to do with the grace that comes with it. You don't wear scarves with ripped up shorts and tank tops. Also, girls wear scarves much more often than guys do. But I would definitely encourage you to go get some scarves (you can find them anywhere too. Seriously, almost anywhere) because they're incredibly useful!

3. Long Tank Tops/Camis
   No, I don't mean to go with only a tank top on. But long tank tops add an extra layer of insulation and protect you from shirts that show skin when you raise your arms or bend over (HPA people...these were my saviors during my years there!). They come in different materials and colors, but it mainly matters that they are long. They add a cute spunk to an outfit, and you don't have to worry about what happens when you pick something up off the ground or reach for something on a high shelf. Some have wide straps and some have spaghetti straps, but it doesn't really matter as long as they're not visible. Plus, they come in every color of the rainbow.

4. Long Sleeve Undershirts

   I couldn't really find a picture for what I mean, but simple, long-sleeve undershirts are even better than tank tops for the cold weather. All you basically need is a tank top with long sleeves-and they shouldn't be too hard to find. (I realize the picture looks really awful. I was trying to find something at least similar to what I was describing.) They can also keep you from having to buy more clothes-you can put them under a short sleeve shirt if you have to. They come in any color you can imagine as well.

5. Sweaters


"Wait! I thought you said not to dress like this! You said no sweatshirts, no are these different?" Well actually, they're very different. Sweaters are very feminine, and they're really warm. They come in every style and color, every fabric and thickness. Dressing warmly and bulkily isn't wrong, but dressing down because it's cold is ridiculous. Sweaters are amazing. Take my word for it.
   Cardigans are great too, if it's not too cold.

6. Leggings

   Anyone who's lived near any college campus has seen the recent trend in "leggings only." I don't find the ability to see every line of a person's legs attractive. But leggings are beautiful with skirts, and even some pants. Leggings can help if a skirt is just a little too short, but only to a point. If the skirt goes an inch or two above your knee, leggings should fix it. But leggings with a skirt that ends at mid-thigh just make a bad outfit worse. I wouldn't recommend "Jeggings" either, the jeans that are just as tight as leggings. Sorry people, but it's not attractive.

7. Leg Warmers

   Perhaps even better than leggings, because there's no temptation to wearing them alone-leg warmers. They can go over tights or leggings, or by themselves. They can go with a skirt, or pants. They come in every color, and some come in patterns.
   I realize that most people only have seen leggings on dancers and people from the 80s music videos, but they really are adorable and feminine! But the same thing with leggings; don't be tempted to use them to cover up an already inappropriate outfit. It won't work.
   But you can wear them with leggings, tights, a skirt, and with pants-over the pant legs or just under them to stay warm.

   I hope that these are helpful in getting your closets set for winter! Adios! <3